About Us

Our Vision

We believe that our instruction program should provide for:

  • Relevant connections to the real world
  • Active participation/ownership/initiative by students
  • Varied instruction/assessment with appropriate levels of challenge
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Opportunities to utilize technology
  • Opportunities to engage in research
  • Cooperative learning with and from peers
  • Opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in diverse ways
  • Interdisciplinary connections based on thematic/essential questions
  • An emotionally safe environment that encourages intellectual and academic risk-taking

In our classrooms we believe that students will participate actively in their learning by:

  • Taking different approaches toward a common goal
  • Listening actively and teaching each other
  • Working in small groups, large groups, and individually
  • Using technology
  • Setting goals and taking responsibility for their own learning
  • Doing research
  • Participating in experiential, hands-on learning
  • Critiquing their own and each other’s work against a standard or criteria
  • Questioning, exploring, and evaluating ideas
  • Treating others respectfully

In our classrooms we believe that teachers will be:

  • Varying their roles as appropriate by: modeling, facilitating, lecturing, demonstrating, coaching, observing, participating, encouraging, nurturing, guiding, listening, and mentoring
  • Working with individuals, small groups, and large groups
  • Encouraging critical thinking
  • Differentiating instruction and assessment
  • Setting clear academic and behavioral expectations

Points of Pride

We love working with our community partners.  Here are some of our much appreciated partners and programs.

Home and School Association (HSA) – Creates opportunities for students and outreach for our community parents.  President Sheila Armstrong

Drexel PALS program – Provides mentoring of our middle school students from Drexel students.

Play Works – Our recess initiative to bring fun and games to our recess time.

Junior Rangers – Our 4th graders experience the natural world around us.

Philadelphia Reads – Our 2nd grade students develop a love of reading.

Mother Zoar Church – Regularly sponsors events and sponsors a community after school program.

Our History

Spring Garden is a beautiful three story Art Deco building which has undergone many upgrades and capital improvements over the years. Spring Garden features small classes with a highly experienced faculty, a wireless computer lab and multiple mobile computing stations, and extensive partnerships with cultural organizations.

We are a High Expectations School and believe all students can achieve.