Digital Resources

Here’s where you can find the web-based programs we use at Spring Garden.  Each program is earmarked for a specific grade span.  These programs can be used outside of school time for extra practice at home.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher using our School Contact Form for full information on the programs they use.

IReady (4-8)

An adaptive math program that challenges students at their individual levels and gives them a chance to grow at their own pace.

First in Math (K-8)

Students use first in math to build fluency and practice skills at multiple grade levels.  Math challenges are presented in game form.  Each child belongs to a classroom team and has a unique login.

First in Math

Lexia (K-6, 7/8 as needed)

Lexia is a reading program which adapts to the students’ abilities and gradually increases difficulty to promote mastery of skills.  Each child has a unique login.


Google Classroom (K-8)

Each teacher can create a digital classroom using Google’s partnership with teaching.  Each class has a unique code, which can be obtained from the teacher.  Once children add the class, they have access at all times.  Parents/Guardians can receive updates on their child’s progress by submitting an e-mail to the teacher.  Logging in to Google Classroom uses the child’s school e-mail ( along with their Philadelphia School District password.

Google Classroom

Google Suite (K-8)

The Google suite of web-based software lets students work in the cloud, which saves their work automatically when connected to the internet.  There are several programs, detailed below.

Google Slides – Similar to Powerpoint, students can create slideshows and presentations.

Google Docs – Similar to Word or Works, students can create documents.

Google Sheets – Similar to Excel, students can create spreadsheets

Achieve 3000 (3-8)

Students use Achieve 3000 to access reading on independent levels.  The software adapts to each student’s reading level and gradually increases in difficulty to promote growth and mastery.  Each student gets content at their level.  Each child has a unique login, which takes effect September 8,2018.

Achieve 3000

Get More Math (7th and 8th)

This is an adaptive program that adjusts to each child.  The program records responses and changes the approach for each child, while also reviewing and refreshing weak skills throughout the entire school year.  Each child has a unique login set in class.

Get More Math


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